Mexico Honeymoon: Hotel B Cozumel

The sexiest place in Cozumel, Mexico where you can spend your honeymoon is at the Hotel B. it is a 45-room property that opened in 2011 overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Hotel-B-Cozumel-Boutique-by-the-Sea-HotelThe rooms here are simply elegant having a white backdrop with touches of cherry red, salmon pink, and sea-foam green and accented with some artwork. Every room at Hotel B features a balcony with a view of the ocean. The daybeds at the waterfront are also built so couples can be comfy while chilling and enjoying the breeze.

You will not have an access to the beach but you have a ton of options if you want to relax. Couples can enjoy a massage at the ocean-view deck. There is also a hot tub carved out of the stone. If you want fresh ceviche, you can order it while taking a dip at the hotel’s infinity pool.

Want to go snorkeling? No problem. You just need to go down a ladder and dive into the blue waters. In case you just want to hang out at the hotel, they also have an open air cinema and some acoustic music by the pool. Don’t be afraid it will not be as loud as a mariachi band but sounding more like the Dave Matthews Band.

You can enjoy an excellent dinner with your spouse at the Costenito Bistro. Think of yummy shrimp-pineapple tempura, and sinful crepes. If you want it more romantic, the staff can arrange a private dinner where you will be served dishes from a customized menu of your own liking.

Wedding Details: Ideas for your Beach Wedding

febbeachbottleYou have a the sun, the sand, and all of the most important people in your life to grace your wedding by the beach. Every couple wants to make their wedding very special and give attention to the smallest of details from the wedding favors, decors, among others. Here are some ideas you might want to consider:

Candy-rock wedding favors

For your wedding giveaway, you can prepare small galvanized pails filled with candy pebbles. They are practical and look cute for any beach wedding. Of course, do not forget to leave a note that they can be eaten.

Beach-bucket as centerpiece

You can turn the regular beach bucket into fancy custom table centerpiece for your wedding reception. You can paint them according to theme, fill it with some soil or sand, put some white pebbles on top and an arrangement of flowers.

Seating cards highlighted by keepsake seashell

Instead of using just numbers to assign tables, you can give your guests keepsake seashells. Name each table using different types of shells. You can layout the shells on a nice fabric to give an impression of sea water. Each table then must have the name of the seashell and you can also have a centerpiece of a small aquarium bowl filled with seashells.

Shell giveaway

You can customize salt-and-pepper dishes using four shells of scallop or clams. You need to wash them thoroughly before putting them together. To make the base, turn a pair of shells topside up and then glue them together. Then lay two more shells on top of the base and glue them to it.

Pearly shells wedding bouquet

Be playful with your concepts and spruce up your wedding bouquet with some seashells. You can play with white and pink flowers adorned with some seashells. Add some silk ribbon to put everything together.

Large selection of bride and bridesmaid flowers. Wholesale wedding flowers delivered to your doorstep.

Top 5 Beaches for the most romantic weddings

maldivesIf you dream of saying your I dos along the beach and with blue waters as your backdrop, then read on as we list down some of the best beaches across the globe where you can have your wedding”

Maui, Hawaii

Maui is Hawaii’s second biggest island . It offers a good variety of beaches where you can have your wedding. You can choose from quiet, exotic, or isolated beaches and practically Maui caters to all of your beach wedding fantasy. Research all the provisions you need to have a great wedding from parking lots, accommodations, bathrooms, among others. One of the best wedding destinations in Maui is Molokai Island which offer less crowded stretch of beaches.

Bali, Indonesia

If you want an Asian getaway for your wedding, Bali is among the best in the world. Most resorts here offer wedding facilities and packages to suit your style and budget. Their staff are also used to having weddings and can pretty much handle most of the wedding details that you might require.


The Taveuni Island in Fiji is a popular destination for couples who want to tie the knot. It has stunning beaches for weddings surrounded by forests and volcanoes in case you are up for some adventure. Fiji is the wedding destination for nature lovers.

Sydney, Australia

The beaches around Sydney are perfect spots for destination weddings. The place has a lot to offer if you are planning to do some traveling after the wedding. Of course you have the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and several zoos and national parks.


Maldives is another island paradise but here you can only renew your wedding vows since the local laws do not allow foreigners to have their actual weddings on the island.

Wedding Details: DIY small umbrellas for your cocktail

If you want to give your beach wedding some personal touch, here is a tutorial to help you make the cute, little umbrellas for the tropical drinks.


  • pretty paper
  • generic tropical drink umbrellas
  • hole punch
  • paper cutter
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • glue tape


  1. Make perfect square from your pretty paper then cut to make a circle.
  2. punch a hole at the center of the circle so you just know where the middle is
  3. Use the pair of scissors so you can cut to the center of the circle so you can bend and form the “umbrella”
  4. Use the glue tape to secure the shape and size of your pretty paper umbrella/
  5. You can trim the cocktail umbrellas so the edges will not show when you put on the new umbrella.
  6. Use the glue gun and spin around the cocktail umbrella to have glue on the entire circumference.
  7. Place your paper umbrella over the one that you bough from the store and slightly press the two sides together to secure
  8. Grab a drink and decorate!

You can personalize the cocktail umbrella by cutting patters on its edges or putting something that your wedding guests will recognize.

Wedding planning: What menu to come up with for your beach wedding

A beach wedding reception is usually low stress partly attributed to the calming environment of sand, sun, and water. The wedding reception can be setup as a formal even but a lot of couples go for the more relaxed and informal kind of gathering. Here are some things to consider for your beach wedding reception menu:

Drinks and Appetizers

Beach weddings often follow a tropical theme if you are not yet in your chosen tropical paradise. Think of tasty cocktails, juice, or smoothies served with the little umbrellas. Be creative and you can use a small boat as your cooler for your bottled water, wines, softdrink cans, and soda bottles. You can also use and old trunk for this purpose.
You can also serve shrimp cocktail with sauce, crackers and dip, or crab salad. You can also server tropical fruits alongside the usual fruits like apples, oranges, and grapes.

Main Dishes

You should definitely have great seafood for your beach wedding. Have shrimp skewers with a choice of sauces, past with shrimps, or maybe coconut shrimp. You can also prepare local seafood delicacies depending on where the wedding is. If you are having a sit-down style dinner, choose fish like sea bass, cod or halibut. You can also have a sushi bar.
Another great idea is to have roasted pig as part of the main course. You can also have jerk chicken or other specialty dishes of the region.

Wedding Cake

Collaborate with your cake designer to have a cake wedding following your beach themed wedding. The choice of design is endless ranging from sand castles, sailboats, yachts, treasure chests and a lot more. You can also go for traditional tiered wedding cakes and have it topped with tropical fruits and flowers.

Destination Wedding: Planning a perfect beach wedding

You might have long dreamed of saying “I do” in front of the blue turquoise waters, while the breeze blows, as the sun sets, in front of your closes family and friends, and now at the brink of making this lifetime dream come true. When planning your perfect beach wedding, you need to pay a lot of attention to details:

Comfortable wedding dress

A destination beach wedding is all about fun, being one with nature, and being relaxed as you tie the knots with your special someone. For the bride, it is essential to choose a very comfortable dress. You do not have to sacrifice great style but comfort is your utmost priority. Work with your designer closely so you can choose the right materials and looks for your destination beach wedding.

Choose the right accessories

Another important detail of putting up a wedding ensemble is choosing the right accessories to match your wedding theme and setup. Enhance the feel of your beach wedding by using wedding accessories like a necklace, earrings, or hair accessory taking inspiration from the sea or nature.

Wedding gown and hairstyle

If you have decided to wear an informal gown for your wedding and the weather is quite warm, make sure to work closely with your hair stylist so you can make your hair coordinated with the style of your gown. You need a wedding hairstyle to complete the soft, breezy, and effortless look for your beach wedding destination.

Simple and functional shoes

Wedding shoes for a beach wedding should remain simple, functional, yet stylish. You need a pair of shoes that will match the mood of your wedding. Choose something that you do not have to be sorry for after the wedding. You want to make sure that you will be comfortable as you walk down the sand to the altar where you will say your vows.

The Most Romantic Wedding Beaches in the World

Weddings are not just about exchanging vows and rings. It is an experience to remember for a life time; it is an occasion that you experience once in a life time if you are lucky that is, but you would also want your wedding to be different than other people.

So how about adding a lot of romance to your wedding by going in for a romantic beach wedding where the atmosphere can be very informal yet stylish? Most of all can select a beach side of your choice to have your wedding at a beautiful location for a beautiful ceremony; great idea isn’t it? There are various such locations across the globe.Bali Beach

Florida is one great location where you can plan your very own beach wedding and most importantly you can get the beach for free. The sea water has is a beautiful shade of emerald green and the sand is absolutely white the moment you step into a location like this it smells of romance. You can either have your wedding in the morning to the purifying rays of the rising sun or you could exchange vows when the sun is setting over the ocean which ever suits your mood. For the budget-oriented beach wedding fans, Florida has some great budget hotels right at the beach!

Bali is another favorite location where many would love to have their weddings the tropical weather, the golden sun and the spiritual atmosphere could set you in the mood.

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Wedding Lingerie for a Beach Wedding

Are you and your spouse ready or a special day? Getting married is the biggest commitment you can ever make to another in your lifetime. Of course you want everything to be perfect for the big night. Many couples decide on an exotic locale for their wedding. When this happens, almost every time they opt or a beach wedding so they can look at the beautiful water and lovely views as they are being married. It can make or an almost magical feeling. And the lovely lady loves to wear only the sexiest o things on her wedding night. What would be hot for your wedding night? Only the loveliest in lingerie, of course.

Wedding lingerie for a beach wedding can be all types. Bridal Lingerie Beach WeddingMany people go with white and seductive wedding lingerie for a beach wedding because it is both traditional and it captures the essence of the beautiful white sands. There are some very seductive white lingerie outfits you can choose from or your beach wedding. You can find sexy lingerie in white that is in a babydoll style and you can also find it in a traditional fitted style. The babydoll style seems to be the most popular as it simply flows from your chest and from your hips in a seductive way and still leaves a lot to the imagination.

Some other type of wedding lingerie for a beach wedding is powder blue or dark blue. Those colors look amazing with a very sexy teddy. A teddy is one of the most popular types of lingerie. It would look absolutely stunning overlooking the water when standing on your balcony. I’m sure your husband would be completely blown away by how sexy you look in your bridal lingerie. It will be a night you will never forget, obviously.

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Beach Destination Wedding Apparel for Men

Men may choose shirts and dress pants or full suits in linen, silk or bamboo fiber for their wedding on the beach. Because of the hot weather and sun, it is also appropriate for the groom to wear white. If he is looking for a splash of color, he might add a colored t-shirt under the white jacket. And his attendants may wear colorful printed shirts to liven up the look.

Unlike traditional black tuxedos, the groom and his groomsmen should not rent the beach destination suits but rather purchase them. Since these suits are more like normal clothing, they will be able to use them over again. They will probably look better, too, in the summer type suits as opposed to the rented tuxes.

Destination wedding apparel for men is not as tough as it is for women, but still…. ;-)

Personal Appearance and a Destination Wedding

Brides-to-be always worry about their appearance. But it seems that most women when travelling are more concerned about how they look than when they stay at home. Make no mistake, all brides want to look fabulous on their wedding days but imagine booking a destination wedding in the tropics where skimpier gowns are acceptable and daily garb may be a bathing suit or resort wear. Even a bride who is not so concerned about being perfect all of a sudden wants the best body around.

In general, the wedding planning process is stressful enough without adding to it by worrying about major weight loss, serious body changes, and new hairdos that may or may not work. Because you are travelling does not mean that you must lose weight. A few pounds would not hurt but do not overstress yourself with unrealistic goals about fitting into a bikini and tiny wedding gown. Remember that your fiancé proposed to you just the way you are so in his mind, you are perfect already.

Also, do not schedule major changes to your hair and face close to leaving for the wedding. You may be unhappy with the look and time is not available to make another change before departing. Test a new look some time in advance so that problems can be worked out and you have a chance to change your mind about the look.

The key to looking beautiful at your destination wedding is to highlight your assets. Take note of the features that you enjoy. For example, if you have large hips but a small waist, emphasize the waist line. Indeed, your time will be better spent focusing on the “real you” rather than stressing yourself out about making a “new you”.